Philadelphia Suspended Driver’s License Attorney

You’ve had tickets in the past, perhaps even a Driving Under the Influence charge, but you’ve paid all your costs and fines, and did not drive while waiting for your Pennsylvania Suspension to finish. Now, PennDOT is telling you that you have to wait even longer to get your license back.

The above is a common scenario. Many people find themselves in situations where they’ve done everything they needed to do, but PennDOT still tells them they have to wait years to get their license back to them. We can help!

The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. have decades of experience handling these types of matters. Our attorneys have reduced, and even eliminated, suspensions ranging from months to decades.

There are several reasons PennDOT may block you from getting your license back. The challenges they pose range in scope, but most of them can be handled and resolved by our experienced Traffic Attorneys. The most common obstacles are:

  • Prison Release Requirement: If you were convicted of a DUI and imprisoned for it, the probation and parole department where you were convicted must send notice of the fact that you completed a jail period (as required by the DUI law) to PennDOT. There are times the probation department fails to do this, and you’re stuck in limbo.
  • Treatment Requirement: This issue works in the same way as the prison release requirement. If the Probation and parole departments fail to send the information to PennDOT, then you could be stuck in limbo, months or years after you’ve served your time.
  • Never Acknowledged Your Suspension: PennDOT requires you to acknowledge that you are suspended. You can do that by either turning in your license or sending in a document stating that you know you’re suspended. Many times, a police or court officer will confiscate your license and never send it to PennDOT. As a result of this, you could think you’re serving your suspension, but PennDOT will say otherwise.
  • Judgment Against You: If you’ve got a judgment in court against you, stemming from an Accident, your license will be blocked.

Suspended Driver's License Attorney in Philadelphia

Any of the above reasons could prevent you from getting your license. If your License Is Suspended, do not give up hope. We can help you assess how to get your license back as quickly as possible. Call the experienced attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. today.

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