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If you received a traffic ticket in Philadelphia, you will likely have to go to Philadelphia Traffic Court. Philadelphia Traffic Court is often referred to as the “people’s court” because the majority of people who ever go to court will only go to Philadelphia’s Traffic Court.

If you have never been to traffic court before, this can be a confusing and frustrating experience. While you will have a chance to speak with a prosecutor, the prosecutor may or may not offer a deal, and does not have the time to answer your questions about whether should take a plea deal or go to trial. They will use legal terms and traffic statute codes unfamiliar to you. Worst of all, they cannot answer your questions about how it something will affect your license. They are not allowed to answer those questions, because they do not represent your interests.

As a result of your Traffic Court experience, you may end up with fees, fines, points and maybe even a License Suspension. You cannot rely on yourself when faced with the potential consequences stemming from your Traffic Ticket.

Traffic Ticket Attorney Philadelphia Free Consultation

If you get a traffic citation, the first thing you should do is plead not guilty. By pleading not guilty, you ensure that Philadelphia Traffic Court will not impose any further fines or fees for you responding late.

After pleading not guilty, you need to consult a Philadelphia Traffic Court Attorney. Consulting an attorney is especially important because many issues can result from a guilty verdict on a Traffic Ticket. These issues include License Suspensions, cost, fines, and points. In some cases, pleading or being found guilty of certain offenses will lead to unexpected consequences which only an experienced lawyer will be able to foresee.

Even if there are no special issues in your case that require an attorney, bringing your own lawyer can even help change the type of plea you get, or help bring you a not guilty verdict. In many cases, attorneys who practice regularly in traffic court have a working relationship with prosecutors and traffic court staff, which enables them to argue your case from a credible standpoint because the attorney appears before the court often.

Philadelphia Lawyer for Traffic Tickets

Even if no such relationship exists, having a traffic lawyer make your case will prevent you from telling the prosecutor something about your case that will hurt you. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. have decades of experience appearing in Philadelphia Traffic Court. Our lawyers appear in court daily, and have a proven track record of obtaining favorable results. Call us today for a free consultation.

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